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About Us

Welcome to Contack. How can we help you?

At Contack, our mission is to transform frustration into delight for all of the stakeholders in the customer support industry, from companies outsourcing their customer service operations, to agents, to end customers. We offer a responsive and flexible cloud-based support service and staffing platform that enables our clients to grow without the traditional pains. Pricing is consumption based, so you never pay for services you're not using. Agents work from home, providing them with flexibility and balance while keeping operating costs down. And, using our machine learning enabled skills matching algorithm, we assign the most qualified agent to each unique service request, ensuring every customer interaction is optimized according to our clients' needs.

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Our Services

General customer inquiry support

We offer responsive support for a wide range of customer inquiries on your company’s behalf, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business

Technical support

Our dedicated technical support specialists can help your customers solve issues with your products and services. We will provide you insights on the support requests and patterns across your customer base

Membership/subscription management

We can support inquiries or data entry transactions related to enrolling, modifying, and canceling memberships or subscriptions

VIP customer inquiries

Our most specialized agents have experience attending to the most valuable customers for many premium brands, allowing us to offer a true white glove service

Shipping, order tracking and return management

We can provide proactive updates on delays or changes in order status, and quickly provide answers about the status and return process of your customers’ shipments


We can automate a call menu that provides basic answers to frequently asked questions while our live agents help customers with more in-depth questions

Administrative questions

Our team can cleary and patiently relay administrative or procedural information and deliver scripted messages to customers


We can integrate with your existing systems and help manage reservations, appointments, and other scheduling needs

Survey administration and market research

Our engaging agents can administer phone surveys on behalf of businesses, research institutions, and marketing agencies

Pre-recorded messages

Our telephony solution can be quickly configured to play a standing message for customers, such as for a cancellation hotline or out of office message.

Outbound sales and lead generation

Our team can identify and qualify potential leads to build a sales pipeline, schedule appointments and conduct telemarketing campaigns

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Our customizable interactive voice menus provide prompt options and respond to your customers’ voice commands, enabling them to navigate to the right information or agent


We’ve chosen Contack to scale our customer service as we increase our customer base, and they are making an amazing job onboarding seamlessly and improving all our operations! Our customers are often delighted with our support, now!

David Mazza
Co-Founder, Splitspot

We’ve been planning to work with Contack to streamline our customer support operations. The customers that need our support after buying our products really should be satisfied and their problem resolved! We are on the right track.

Jack Yao
Co-Founder, Mobile Pixels



Contack was designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We can get your customer support operations off the ground in a few short weeks while you keep the momentum going.

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Enjoy remote working, growth opportunities, great compensation and the ability to set your own hours. Apply today to join us.

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Find out about our referral program, available only to active Contack agents. If you know someone who would be a good fit, we’d love to meet them (and pay you for the introduction!).

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