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"Maximize the Employee Lifetime Value™ of
each hire using the power of AI to reduce
turnover and boost performance"


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The objective of hiring is getting the right people into the organization, but this is difficult to assess before an individual has actually begun working. Ultimately, hiring is a prediction problem.
Using pre-hire assessments, resumes, and personal experience, recruiters try to predict which
candidates will bring the greatest value by performing well and remaining with the company over time.

Business Process Outsourcing
companies hire tens of thousands of
call center agents each year. Improving
turnover rates or employee
performance in this environment can
result in millions of dollars saved.

Hiring managers need a better way to identify which candidates will deliver better performance
and remain with the company longer.

To identify top candidates, Contack uses proprietary Machine Learning algorithms to predict the
Employee Lifetime Value™. Hiring Managers can use our software to screen candidates and select the best.

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Recruiting Industry

The recruiting technology space has exploded over the past decade with new solutions
to automate many repetitive processes. More difficult, and therefore still generally done
“manually”, is the critical last step of identifying and selecting the highest quality candidates
from an applicant pool.
Recruiters must make final decisions on offers based on subjective opinions and experiences,
rather than hard data. This introduces the potential forunconscious bias
and generally makes each hiring outcome heavily dependent on the individual(s) responsible for making the decision.

By developing data driven Employee
Lifetime Value™ predictions
for each
candidate, Contack uses a scientific
approach to complement the judgment
of experienced hiring managers.

Contack uses proprietary employee life cycle data sets from real call centers in the Philippines
that allow us to map pre-hire candidate information to real employee outcomes. With this
valuable longitudinal data set, our founding team’s experience in staffing and managing
virtual call centers, and the machine learning talent that only MIT
students can provide, we have developed a tool to guide decision-making in hiring and, as a
result, help call centers raise the bar on talent.

Our Solution

Maximize the ROI of each hire.

We offer a proprietary ML algorithm developed at MIT that helps call center hiring
managers make better hiring decisions. Based on standardized inputs for each candidate,
we are able to predict their expected Employee Lifetime Value™. This single metric
is a strong indicator of candidate quality that hiring managers can use to complement and
strengthen their existing decision making processes.


To work with Contack and start making better hiring decisions today :

  1. Get in touch
    Fill out a quick form or chat with us right here on our website
  2. Hiring Experiment Design
    We’ll set up a controlled experiment to scientifically demonstrate our hiring algorithm’s value.
  3. Using the tool
    We provide access to our Web Application, through which you can interact with the algorithm. You’ll upload data and, within minutes, receive Employee Lifetime Value™ predictions for those candidates.
  4. Hire based on science
    Reconcile Contack’s rankings with your own candidate scores. Use Contack’s data to adjust any prior rankings as appropriate. Finally, send out employment offers!
  5. Results - Measure and Assess
    We will track the performance and turnover data of the group hired with the Contack algorithm along with the performance and turnover data of the control group. At the conclusion of the We will finally measure the results and quantify the value created.
  6. Ongoing Subscription
    Contack’s subscription offering will seamlessly integrate with your current hiring process and will provide you with unlimited access to the tool via our web application.